understanding some of the non-physical hardships encountered by the older adult cheap essay online writing services

Purpose of assignment: To help the student understand some of the non-physical hardships encountered by the older adult.

Related course objective(s): 3

Point value: 25

Due date: Week 2 (11/14/14)

Instructions: Have a conversation with a person aged 65 or older and ask him/her to describe at least 3 non-physical hardships, challenges or obstacles encountered because of his/her age. Write a narrative summarizing your conversation with the individual. Describe three ways this discovery or understanding may influence your practice as a registered nurse. Include a cover page and turn it in on or before the due date through the DROPBOX on eCollege, RN 241 shell.

Grading Criteria:

In order to receive credit for this assignment, it must be submitted by the following deadline: November 14, 2014 at 1100. No credit for late assignments.


Points Possible

Points Earned

1. Work submitted shows independent thinking and performance.


2. Narrative is clear and describes the older person’s non-physical hardships, challenges or obstacles.


3. Student describes the effect the discovery should have on his/her practice as a registered nurse. (3 effects worth 2 points each).


4. Correct grammar, punctuation, spelling is evident.


5. Cover page present




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